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Vitamin D – Don’t You Worry Child!

Today’s dose of “Vitamin D” is dedicated to worry. Let’s think about it, what has worrying, ever gotten you in life? Did it save that trying relationship you were […]

April 25, 2014

Vitamin D – Sing Your Song!

Today’s dose of Vitamin D is dedicated to setting the caged bird free! You may be wondering who is the caged bird that I speak of? Well honey that […]

January 13, 2014

Vitamin D – Be Dream Hungry!

Today’s dose of “Vitamin D” is dedicated to being hungry. Hungry for your dreams! I want you to be so hungry that it feels like your livelihood is dependent […]

January 6, 2014

Vitamin D – “It Was All A Dream…”

Today’s dose of “Vitamin D” is dedicated to vision. I want you to be able to visualize what ever you want out of life before you actually attain it. […]

January 3, 2014

Vitamin D – “Seeing Is Deceiving, Dreaming Is Believing!”

Today’s dose of “Vitamin D” is dedicated to faith. Faith is having the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Who better to have faith in, than yourself? […]

December 29, 2013