Vitamin D – Get Rid Of Excess Baggage

October 2, 2013

Happy Fri-DAI! Today’s dose of “Vitamin D” is dedicated to letting go. Leaving the excess baggage of failed relationships, depression, resentment and everything else that doesn’t aid in the betterment of you behind. As human beings we have the tendency to allow things that have negatively affected us in the past, to negatively affect us in the future. How so? Well, I’m glad you asked! Think of a past relationship that went sour, did you find it hard to trust and love the next person? I bet you did. However, I’m sure once you allowed the past to be the past you found love again. Or how about the last time you were depressed? It was probably difficult to remember what it felt like to smile, but as soon as you decided to let go and be happy again it came back to you like second nature. The key to living an abundant life is to feel what ever you need to feel in that moment, but then grow from that experience. Holding onto excess “baggage” is like trying to walk forward while looking backwards. It slows you down, causes clutter and blocks you from reaching your full potential. “Ain’t no’ body got time for that!” So ‘bag lady/bag man’ take heed from Erykah Badu and remember, “all you must hold on to is you…so pack light.”


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