Vitamin D – Like Your “Crooked Smile”

December 28, 2013

Today’s dose of “Vitamin D” is dedicated to appreciating your “crooked smile,” literally and figuratively. Alright, now this is when you’re supposed to smile. See that felt good didn’t it? I want you to smile every time you think of something that has to deal with you. Smile because it happened. Smile because you’re getting better. Smile because it’s you. Smile just to smile.

In J. Cole’s hit single, “Crooked Smile,” the rapper denotes we need to love everything about ourselves because “we ain’t picture perfect, but we’re worth the picture still.” I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life and only took pictures that showed my face. Until one day I looked in the mirror and I smiled. I told myself how much I loved me and that is when I decided to do right by me. I started to workout and eat clean. To date I’ve lost over 50lbs and have kept it off. I take full body pictures now and I’ve realized that if folks don’t get in, they can get out. And guess what? It’s fine by me, because I am fine with me. Now your issue may not be your weight, but it may be you trying to fit in. You may not like your eyes, your chin, your nose and the list could go on and on. However, it’s “no need to fix what God put his paint brush on.” When you start to love and appreciate yourself, others will as well. Hey, that’s what makes you unique. Being unique is beautiful.

Now let’s take our “crooked smiles” and style on them!


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