Vitamin D – Real Love

October 3, 2013

oday’s dose of Vitamin D is dedicated to finding real love. Yes, that love that every human being longs for. You know, that feeling that starts in your toes and makes you crinkle your nose. It makes you smile and gives you butterflies. Yes, that kind of love. But most importantly when those initial butterflies start to fade, it makes you a better person for yourself and everything else around you. It gives your life purpose.

Now if love is just a simple four-letter word, that organically is proven to bring you immense joy, why do so many have such a hard time in finding it? Why do so many find themselves in relationships, intimate or platonic, where tears are shed because they feel they are simply not enough? Or abusive relationships that causes them physical and/or mental pain? I’ll tell you why. It’s because they haven’t learned how to love themselves first.

In 1992, Mary J. Blige dropped her hit single “Real Love.” In the lyrics she stated, “I’ve been searching for someone to satisfy my every need. Won’t you be my inspiration, be the real love that I need.” Hold up, wait a minute! That’s it right there! How can you go about searching for something, that you’re unable to recognize yourself? Being able to identify love, goes hand in hand with the saying “game recognizes game.” And when the next person comes up to you that doesn’t look familiar, you’ll know immediately that them or that situation is not the right one for you. Possessing true love also confidently says, “I am imperfectly perfect. I am enough. I am beautiful. I am me.” But most importantly, it sets the standard of how you deserve to be treated. Trust me, when others see that you treat yourself well with love, they will follow suit. If they don’t, you don’t need them.

Be your own inspiration…be the real love that YOU NEED!


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