Vitamin D – Sing Your Song!

January 13, 2014

Today’s dose of Vitamin D is dedicated to setting the caged bird free! You may be wondering who is the caged bird that I speak of? Well honey that caged bird could be you. A bird feeling caged without a key. Trapped behind “bars” of depression, obesity, fear of sexual orientation and anything else that prohibits you from soaring to new heights. While everyone may see you smiling on the outside, they have no idea of how you feel on the inside. They may not realize that through your smile, you cry.

In “Caged Bird” Alicia Keys states, “I know why the caged bird sings, only joy comes from song.” Regardless of your “physical restrictions,” whether coerced by society or even your own self, you still have the ability to sing your own unique song. See that is the one thing that makes the “caged bird” so special…its ability to sing. So what is your song? Your song is anything that makes you happy. I didn’t say what makes everyone else happy, I said anything that makes YOU happy. In order to live an abundant life, you cannot be anything shy of happy. I think you deserve to be happy, don’t you?

Now go claim your song! Being who you are makes you beautiful!

Find the key within yourself to set yourself free for the whole world to see. Just fly…fly as high as you can fly!

“Spread your wings, spread your beauty….”


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